31 03 2010


A place can be defined in numerous ways,

Spectacular views, warm sunny days,

A landscape of beauty, a lonesome street,

Or cafe’s of luxury, offering you treats,

The fresh loving smell of muffins and bread,

The scent that follows me, and tenderly spreads.

Or just the plain beauty of a beach nearby,

The waves at my feet and my head in the sky,

The soft sound of sand between my toes,

And walking to places no one else knows.

A cave in the distance, or just the park bench,

The exhilaration is too much to quench.

The small friendly shops that frame our roads,

Their product slash life’s work put on for show.

Plainly the comfort and spirit of a hometown,

Should be enough to get anyone down,

Down to this place of warmth and affection:

Avalon, a town of sincere perfection.  

By Lottie




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