Accepted or not?

31 03 2010


Interview with a year nine girl:

While school is a time for knowledge and learning, some kids argue that friends and having a social life matter more.

The person I have interviewed has stated that her favourite aspect of school is lunchtime because she can spend time with friends and talk to them about anything. Although schoolwork is important, she values the friendships created through school more.  “Without them I’d be a sad loner.”

She has also commented that school doesn’t teach her anything. She is too loquacious and “not bothered” to learn. I agree that it is also possible that the teachers at the school may not be teaching as well as they should be because she replied, “No comment.” trying to avoid the question of whether she is being taught properly.

After asking the question that if she did not go to school what would she be doing and why, she responded with, “Having a life. Why? Because I want one.” She is assured that her friendships are more important and beneficial than schoolwork. She is similar to many kids who would rather have friends or accepted than being really nerdy and rejected.

I believe that often the case for incomplete homework is purely because homework doesn’t matter much to the person. Homework will only be finished thoroughly and well if there is either a reward at the end of it all or the opposite: a punishment. The majority of school students do not complete homework because they enjoy it. Often the point of homework is hidden and makes school children less motivated to do it. People think that all teachers assume that their homework is far more important than any another teacher.

School is definitely a place to enjoy yourself and have fun but is also a place for learning the things that play an essential part in the future. It is about finding the right balance.





One response

30 04 2010

Really good article
I have recently been studying something simmilar to this is society and culture
We concluded that school is an area where you learn to socailly communicate and interact – not just how to do algebra or language techniques.

I think the balance is already there, we just dont realise it!

Fantastic article!

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