Retro vs Next-Gen

7 12 2009

This is the age old question that has been debated for years since the release of the newer consoles; are retro games better than the next-gen games? There have been many arguments in this field that have torn friendships apart but that doesn’t matter because it is a great source of humour. I personally just laugh at people who argue about it. I’m not saying I don’t argue because then I would be lying. But it’s funny when you’re just a spectator and not involved. I will lay out common arguments to both sides that I have witnessed firsthand below:

I personally don’t care what console you have, but I honestly don’t see why you would play such old video games. In fact my friend scolded me the other day for playing Oblivion which is only three years old. Apparently I need to keep up and buy Fallout 3 instead, but I enjoy playing Oblivion. In this respect I can partially understand the reasoning behind retro gamers’ arguments. Although, Oblivion is still considered a next generation game and is godlike in comparison to Mario Kart and all the other junk Nintendo has spawned. I have another friend, surprise surprise, who is a fan of old games on his Nintendo 64. I asked him some questions about why he prefers them. He says that he prefers simplicity and all of the new games are too complicated. Now I made the assumption that retro gamers can’t handle storyline, or at least they can only handle bad storylines, but that may just be him. He then said that his games were the origins of all video games. Exactly. Why on earth would you play something that has been replaced with something better? That’s like playing a vinyl instead of a CD. There is just no point. His final and most ridiculous argument was that disks are too easily broken and cartridges are so much more durable. This is very true, but you would be lucky to find many scratches on my game disks and it’s not like I’m going spill wine on them as he somehow managed to. This just makes me think that retro gamers can’t take care of their belongings and they use cartridges so that they are reassured that if they throw their game of a cliff “accidentally” it wouldn’t break. How depressing that you can’t destroy something so lame.

Now that paragraph was meant to outline retro gamers’ viewpoints, but after proof reading it I noticed that it is more of a rant for my side of the argument which may be unfair. It’s my article. Sue me. Gaming is a great hobby of mine. I really love it no matter how much it destroys my already dwindling popularity, though I don’t understand why seeing as it’s just like watching more interactive a movie. Because of this I am quite passionate about this debate.

Now let’s get into why new games kick butt. Well for one they are awesome though that’s really just the summary of what I’m about to say anyway. I would prefer a brilliantly crafted story any day rather than a pointless “let’s jump on that turtle and get some money because of it.” It’s utterly ridiculous. No matter what everybody says, graphics do matter. Gameplay is key I understand but how can somebody continually play something that is such an eyesore? For instance let’s take Assassin’s Creed II for instance. I recently purchased this game and have loved every moment of it. The graphics are part of which make it so amazing. If anyone can say that they would prefer to see a pixilated blob coming from another pixilated blob resembling a gun rather than a realistic Florentine noble stick his blade into a deserving Templar with physics engines and awesomeness in a can flowing like the resulting blood you have created is honestly either high on something or insane. These next generation games are brilliant fun and can fast become addictive making everyday life a lot harder as you begin to neglect everything else. Homework, family, friends and general hygiene are lost to the game’s greatness.

Will the never-ending battle between retro and next-gen games ever be finished? Probably not, because it is every gamer’s duty to constantly argue pointlessly for we have no lives.

By Dashby




One response

10 12 2009

haha. You really like gaming dont you? hmm well… personally i like games like mario. they’re fun and not all serious, even tho they dont have a strong story line they have variety and a goal. The games you like to play generally just involve killing people, there’s not much variet in that is there? OK now i’m sounding like i play games a lot, and i dont remember the last time i did. no wait! it was cow racing in my lounge room with you rofl. Great writing tho.

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