Muslim Murder

7 12 2009

A tragic and malicious murder has taken place in Germany with a pregnant woman, Marwa El-Sherbiny, stabbed brutally in front of her husband and three year old son, whilst she was also currently pregnant.

Sherbiny was in a German courtroom beginning trials for a man, Alex Wiens, who was appealing conviction for verbally abusing her while she was waiting for her son’s turn on the swing at a local park. He referred to her in vial terms such as an Islamist, terrorist and slut. Sherbiny’s courage and determination for justice against the racial hatred she was confronted with would not end in justice however, but rather devastation. It’s almost ironic that the woman was referred to stereotypically as the ‘terrorist’ yet the white Caucasian male from Germany is the one who has attempted the murder of two people.

At some point while Sherbiny and her family were present in the courtroom, Weins unexpectedly jumped her and attacked viciously without stopping and by the time he was intercepted he had already stabbed the woman some 16 consecutive times. There was no warning that this attack would be an outcome of his hearing. 

Weins has been charged with her murder and the attempted murder of her husband who stepped in to defend his wife, the mother of his close-by three year old son and the child growing inside of her. He appeared in court recently to testify against her behind bullet proof glass, however that thick slate of glass would not protect him from his internal beating and battering and the great loss him and his family are suffering. The damage done to this family especially a now traumatized and mother dependant three year old son are catastrophic and unfathomable.

 The German foreign minister has released this statement, “This shows that violence, racial hatred and intolerance have no place in Germany,” in regard to the life in prison sentencing of Alex Weins.

Naturally this kind of event, has initiated an uproar in the Muslim community especially because Weins has still shown no regret for his heinous crime and admits he has anti-Islamic and xenophobic views but says the motive for is attack was external to that and was mainly fueled by his fear of his upcoming trial. The shock, anguish and possible resentment enthralling passionate Muslims and anti racist activists alike is immense, this is also due to the fact that Germany has the second largest Muslim population in Western Europe. Other residing Muslims’ safety, security and feelings of welcome and respect are possibly jeopardized and it seems no matter what people say, do, proclaim and expect when it comes to racial issues and dispute, there will always be that one person with the opposite view. So while the German government in this current affair and governments around the world in the many racial affairs to come in the future, can release as many ethically sound and admirable statements as they want on how their country feels, acts and thinks…but the bad seed with the knife and the discriminatory views always seems to make the bolder statement.




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