Marc How To Column

7 12 2009

This column is about how to talk to someone whose name you have forgotten. I do this a lot as I can never remember the name of anyone.

The main thing to do is try to find out their name any way that you can. Places that you can look for names are places like if they have a nametag (obviously) or if they have their name on their cup, at a party. Another way is to get them to say their own name. For example you could ask someone to try and guess both of your names and even if the person doesn’t get it right then the other person will correct them. If you can’t find out their name then you have to try as hard as you can to stay away from topics where you are forced to say names or you could call them ‘you’ or any random name like ‘Greg’ and say that that is now their name. If you want to be boring or if you don’t know the person to well then you can just ask them their name. But I find after I do that I always forget it in two minutes and you can’t ask twice for fear of being rude. Normally you can find their name somewhere or you can ask one of your friends or their friends and then swear them to silence. 

These are just some of the ways to avoid awkwardness and not look like an idiot.

By Marc




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