Was It Time?

19 11 2009

After 9 years of working together at Nova 969, Tim ‘Rosso’ Ross announced that he will be departing the radio show next year. Leaving Merrick Watts to do the show with a new talent who according to their manager, David Borean this new talent will be announced soon.

Kate Richie will also be leaving the show to concentrate on her acting career, although she has only been on the show for 2 years, was it time for this trio to split? Was it because of low ratings or enemy morning radio shows, such as the much loved and highly rated Kyle and Jackie O show taking the ratings and Nova needed fresh new hosts?

Ross admits that this is not the end of Merick and Rosso, it’s just the end of them working together on Nova 969, and they will still be perusing their television and standup comedy careers together as they have been doing this since 1996. Ross just pursue other personal projects, not his radio career.  They are both denying claims that his departure is because of fights or the boys not getting along together, they think that ridiculous and think of each other like brothers.

By Phoebe Flowers




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