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19 11 2009

Broccoli is so Afro

Last time in iColumn, I wrote about Tokidoki, the Japanese inspired lifestyle designer brand.  Another favourite contemporary artist/ design brand is Jeremyville.

Jeremyville is an artist, product designer, animator and human. He is the creator of a design brand, also called Jeremyville.  With its unique, special world and funny, imaginative characters, the world of Jeremyville is like a vivid and colourful dream.

On the Jeremyville website, http://www.jeremyville.com/home/jeremyville_home.html  , which I sincerely hope you visit, as it is really inspirational and fun, you can view all his works and cartoons. The cartoons are imaginative and very clever, and, though deceptively simple, they really make you think.  What Jeremyville says about  his comics is this-

I  want these comic stories to mean whatever the reader puts into it. My interpretations are just the thoughts of one person. I want the reader to add their own narrative to these sparse landscapes. Like a poem, the reader can add to it what they wish, and take from it everything, or nothing. Even though at first appearance they appear simply drawn, I put a lot of time into making them very restrained, and as simple as possible.

Like modernist architecture, only the barest of essentials is included to create the space, the framework is evident, and without ornamentation. Form follows function. I like these stories to be looked at slowly, and with contemplation. I’d like you to spend time on each frame, as you would spend time reading each word of a poem carefully.”

All of Jeremyvilles characters are unique and special, and they all have something to say- Usually in his artworks they have a speech bubble with a quirky little message on them, such as “ broccoli is so afro”.

Jeremyville produces artworks, cartoons, toys, t-shirts, bags, shoes, and just about everything else you can think of. Jeremyville, the artist, has written and produced the first book in the world on designer toys, called ‘Vinyl Will Kill’. It was published by IdN, and interviewing people like Fafi, Sarah from Colette, Baseman, Biskup, Pete Fowler, Jason Siu, Kinsey and Kozik.

Jeremyville has initiated the ‘sketchel’ custom art satchel project with Genevieve Gauckler, Gary Baseman, and around 800 other artists.

His latest book is called ‘Jeremyville sessions’, featuring collaborations with Geoff McFatridge, Miss Van, Devilrobots, MTV, Adidas, and more.

Jeremyville has worked with clients such as Coca Cola, MTV, Kidrobot, Adidas, and others and has appeared in many design and style magazines.

He splits his time between studios is Sydney and New York City.  He collects rare t-shirts, sneakers, toys and denim, and there was recently a Converse x Jeremyville shoe released, in late 2008. I really recommend you take a look at the website, even if you are just bored and have nothing to do, as it really is fun and interesting to look at all of his work, and at the comic strips as well.



By Giulia




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