Google reunites Father and Daughter

19 11 2009

A father has met up with his daughter after 30 years after she googled his name to find a website that he set up seven years ago to try and find her. April Antoniou had been independently trying to find her father after her parents divorced a few months after she was born. Scott Becker had hired private investigators to find his daughter, and spent thousands with no success. He couldn’t get in touch with his ex-wife to even talk to his daughter.

April had used Google a few times, only to find that her father’s name was popular and had none of the results she was hoping for. Finally, the other day she typed in “Scott Robert Becker Looking for April” and found that he had set up a website to find her 7 years before. He had left a message on it.

“Dear April,

When you read this, please send an email to:

I’m your Dad and I would really like to talk to ya.

When I get your email, I will ask you a couple of questions that only you would know so I can filter out the crazies out there.

By the way, You have a lil sister that REALLY wants to talk to you 🙂

Dad Scott Robert Becker”

 April emailed her father and answered the questions he asked her like her birthday and her mother’s maiden name and they reunited last week in a restaurant in Atlanta. Ever since they have been on television shows sharing their amazing story.





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