Marc’s How To Column

19 11 2009

I am doing this one on how to get rid of telemarketers. (Thanks for the suggestion.)

Telemarketers are very annoying people that call you whenever they like (usually during dinner) and try to sell you things that you don’t want or try to make you take surveys about completely pointless things. It can be a bit of a pain to get rid of them, you could always just put the phone down, but why would you do that when you either have the perfect chance to have some fun or you just don’t want to be rude?

1. If you don’t want to be rude and you want them to go away then you can try to calmly explain that you don’t want whatever they are selling and then say goodbye or you could hear them out and then tell them you don’t want their product. Or you can put your name down on the telemarketer’s no-call list, for a price.

2. If you want to have some fun then there are many different things that you can do and the best thing is that they are paying for the call so you can keep them on for as long as you want.

a. You could just not say anything to them and laugh as they ask repeatedly whether anyone is there.

b. You could start to tell them about your religion and just start preaching to them.

c. You can pretend that you are a Chinese restaurant and try to take their order repeatedly.

d. You could start telling the telemarketer all about your day and keep interrupting them to tell them every small detail about some really boring story.

e. You could do an old favourite and have a breakdown on the phone while sobbing hysterically.

f. You could try to sell your own stuff to them or even try to get their home phone number to call them later.

g. You also could just do something completely weird like saying that you thank them for accepting your application and start singing like you’re on idol.

Still remember though they are still people to so don’t go to hard on them!

By Marc

Thank You to the people that gave me suggestions and the people who did gave me some very good ideas too.




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