Preview on Aliens vs Predator

11 11 2009


(AVP has a 2010 release)

Aliens Vs Predator gives its players 3 totally different campaigns. These include Aliens, Predators and human soldiers or marines. With these 3 different characters to play there are a variety of different weapons to use and abilities to help you get though the game.

The predator consists of wrist weapons, throwing discs, shoulder mounted energy weapons and stealth abilities and not to mention the multiple visions that the predator can use to track his prey. Overall the Predator is probably the most deadly, or what some people might call the cheapest, faction in the game. The producers of this game are still working out how to make it all even so that when it comes to arena battles the Predator does not kill everyone within seconds with his ridicules power.

 The Alien is all out on AVP using only melee attacks against their enemies which are claws, teeth and their spear like tail but with the alien’s incredible speed and ability to climb on walls and ceiling the Aliens can be quite deadly. So if you are ever playing AVP be sure that you look up all the time, something that should be drilled into the heads of characters from all horror movies.

On the other hand humans can defend themselves with armour all over their bodies, which I am not sure will help that much against these extra terrestrial killing machines, and with a large range of different weapons to counter their enemies which can include machine guns, pistols, shotguns and grenades which will come in handy to blow up a horde of Aliens.

AVP has changed a lot from the original game made in 1994. The newer version has enhanced graphics compared to its previous version and allows the player to play as either human or as the predator or alien. Overall the AVP game gets 7 out of 10 just because I like all of the AVP movies and I hope that the producers really go all out on this one.

By Branflakes. (Brandon)





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