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11 11 2009


Finding your ‘sometimes’

One of my favorite fashion brands is a Japanese-inspired lifestyle brand called Tokidoki.  Tokidoki (Which means ‘sometimes’ in Japanese), was created by Italian artist Simone Legno, who was inspired by Japanese art style, and created a website dedicated to Tokidoki. He believes that everyone can find their ‘sometimes’, a moment that can be happy and inspirational, and hopes that the colourful world of Tokidoki can help people do that. 
The Tokidoki website was discovered by the co- founder of American cosmetics company Hard Candy, and Tokidokis fame rose from there.  It was listed as ‘The Independents’’ top ten websites of the week, and Simone has become a recent fixture at the San Diego Comic Con, and makes appearances at various locations worldwide for signings and  promotions.

Tokidoki produces apparel, footwear, accessories and other products using art and iconic characters. They also make t-shirts, purses and incredibly cute small toys/ figurines.

The lovable and unique characters in Tokidoki, that often seem to belong to their own distinct worlds, include the moofia (made up of latte, mozzarella, choco and more), adios and ciao ciao (the grim reaper and his girlfriend) Captain Coco, and the cactus friends.

There are also many Tokidoki fakes on the market, but you can be certain of a true Tokidoki by the label on whatever you buy.

A good place to buy Tokidoki is Paddy’s Market. You can get great cheap Tokidoki bags and a variety of other things as well, such as plushie toys, figurines, suitcases, and even tattoos.

Tokidoki has also teamed up with popular brands such as LeSportSac, Hello Kitty, Onisuka tiger, Skull Candy, and more.

A colorful, unique sort of style that really makes a statement, Tokidoki is a favorite brand of mine, as it is a bit out of the ordinary, but at the same time cute and sporty. You can get all sorts of things in Tokidoki style so make sure you check out the website next time your browsing the net-  www.tokidoki.it




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