Ask Katie

11 11 2009

Dear Katie…

 I am really afraid of the dark. This hasn’t really been too much of an issue, normally I have a nightlight and it’s all sweet, but now I have to go on a camp with some people I don’t know and share a room with them, and I’m scared they’ll tease me. Help!!



Dear Afraid,

Tell the people at camp that everybody who is anybody is getting a night light and they are the latest things. Get one that looks really cool and they probably won’t mind having one.



Dear Katie….

 I really want to be an actor, but I’m not sure where to start,

Any suggestions?


Budding Actor

You probably hear a lot that you should start at the bottom and work your way up. Sign with an agency that you trust and if you’re lucky they will sign you up with small parts here and there. If you’re lucky there will be an audition for a role in a TV show that you could try out for. Soon you will be on your way to fame and fortune and everyone will want to work with you!





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