Where the Wild Things Used to Be

28 10 2009


Following the previews of the new Spike Jonze Movie ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ I was filled with excitement that a children’s movie I felt unashamedly able to watch would be arriving soon. I remembered how much I loved the book when I was younger and remembered why I used to love it. The creatures brought to life on the big screen allowed me to see what I used to envisage the book as. Reality. It used to be real. No doubt was in my mind that giant beasts where part of reality rather than myth. 

All these myths are destroyed by truth. The hunt for an unquestionable truth is considered a noble cause and those who enforce myth are seen as liars, if lucky a novelist. Back when liars spread tales of dragons, gods and invulnerable warrior’s people relished the myths. I would rather accept impossible stories by far then possible ones.  Like the stories you endure from loud mouthed peers trying to impress upon you their achievements and social prowess. You know the stories, ‘I can score a goal from the half way line’ and ‘I used to go out with her’ with their finger pointing firmly at a model in a magazine. Now some may say these stories are lies, made by inferior and highly egotistical individuals. But that would be harsh. I on the other hand consider these tales enjoyable especially if the individual is willing to convince you of it. I mean make them tell you a story. Question them. When improbable claims are made of previous dating history with a cover girl, why not respond with generally inquisitive statements and thus you have drawn the whole story from this all too willing friend. Whether it is truth or not, it doesn’t matter. You now have a story which claims fact of what is very likely fictitious. People always say to be careful of being taken in and made a fool of. But why not? Who enjoys certainty of the mundane over a slight possibility of the amazing? I would love to think that there are alligators in the sewers of New York, I guess if you’re a sewage worker you wouldn’t but then again I would rather glamorise my job by describing the constant threat of attack. I would love to believe that there is a spaceship held at Area 51. I would welcome the idea of drop bear obviously not if one attacked me but it would definitely make bushwalks more edgy.


Now most of this article has been about entertaining the impossible and honestly I want to, but I can’t. I guess what my message is that I want to live for the uncertain, embrace a story don’t automatically reject it. I mean sure now and again I’ll be tricked and feel a little idiotic but if this allows me to add a little bit of insanity to everyday life, so what?  Because in the end all you finish up with is stories, I want to decide which ones are truth or not. Oh, and I want to see Where the Wild Things Are desperately. 




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