Too much social networking, so little time?

28 10 2009


As you may know (or not know), Nicole Richie had a baby earlier in September, called Sparrow (Jack Sparrow enthusiast?). What got me thinking wasn’t her bizarre choice in names, but the fact that hours later she went onto Twitter, tweeting about her baby. Celebrities, such as Nicole Richie have been known to be serial social-networkers (think John Mayer and Ashton Kutcher), all you need to do is glance at their Twitter page to know that. Australian Prime minister, Kevin Rudd as jumped on the bandwagon, posting regular tweets.

But it’s just celebrities and politicians that have an addiction to social networking, people everywhere are addicted to their Twitter, MySpace and Facebook.

But how do you know if you have such an addiction to social networking sites?

You know you’re addicted to social networking (in particular Facebook) if. . .

  1. You go on for more than three hours (collective or otherwise) a day
  2. You post more than three status updates/ tweets a day, including such life-changing updates as “Just ate some toast” and “There is a bird rite outside the window LOL”
  3. If your social networking account got deleted you would be on the verge of tears (or already be crying)
  4. Facebook/ Twitter is the first thing you do when you get home  from school/ work, just to see if anything has happened in the 30 minutes you haven’t seen your peers/ colleges
  5. On Facebook your friends with everybody from that aggressive guy in your Under 6 soccer team and that girl who was in the year below you in primary school, who you never actually spoke to.
  6. You felt irrationally angry when Facebook recently changed its newsfeed.
  7. You posted a status update, informing your friends about this anger about the new newsfeed.
  8. You have joined numerous Facebook groups against the new newsfeed.
  9. You get excited when you see you have gotten a ‘New Notification’ or ‘New Comment.’

10.  You get disappointed when you realise that your New Notification is just some spam about a new quiz.

11.  If you fail a test/ assignment and you believe that Facebook is responsible.

12.  You have become a Facebook fan of everything from “I go out of my way to step on crunchy leaves” to “The smell of rain” and everything in between.

13.  When you aren’t on your Facebook you think of Facebook status updates that you are going to post when you next you go online.

14.  If you don’t go on your Facebook for long periods of time you may display symptoms including constant thinking about Facebook, pacing and twitching.

15.  Even as you are reading this you have Facebook opened in another window.

If you are displaying many of these symptoms you may have a Facebook/ social networking addiction. If this is the case it might be time to sign off, turn off your computer and do something else, I’m sure your 467 Facebook friends would understand.

Either way, happy social networking : – )





One response

28 10 2009

haha awesome article, so true and very, very funny
great job and very well written 🙂

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