The Pillars of the Earth – Ken Follett

28 10 2009

Ken Follett, a respected thriller writer, writes a massive novel focused on the building of a majestic cathedral. The story is not as focused on plot but more on characters. How they feel, fight, hurt and love throughout the book creates a suspenseful and nail biting story.

The novel is set in the 11th century in England. The story revolves around the dramas that people experience and because of this, the view point changes constantly. There is a strong sense of the antagonist and protagonist in the story. Ken Follett manages to give you such a deep attachment to the characters that the reader will often feel devastated, surprised, deceived and loved depending on what experiences the characters are going through.

Characters are thoroughly developed, from the sinless Prior to the wrapping Earl, the reader will know every aspect of their lives and how they will act in different circumstances. The making of a cathedral takes up most of the plot. Ken Follett uses vivid detail to describe every inch of the majestic building.    

The Pillars of the Earth is a magnificent, massive book that is Ken Follett’s new masterpiece.

An absolute must read.

Mathew Wood




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