The Evolution of Performance

28 10 2009


Bono and Adam Clayton of U2 – Pushing the boundaries

The atmosphere of concerts has changed in the 21st century. The days of the performance just centering on the music, and has undergone an evolution, and is now far more elaborate and complex. Big bands nowadays have the power to create a real show, and it’s a trend that is becoming popular amongst audiences, it’s no longer solely about the music, but what’s built around the music too.   

Recently, the rock band U2 took a great leap forward in the new era of entertainment, namely in the conquering of physical boundaries. They recently streamed a live performance from their 360® Tour (broadcast from Los Angles), over the internet (on Youtube), meaning anyone, around the world, could tune in for free to their concert. This was met by an unbelievable response, over 7 million people around seven continents watched the two and a half hour show (as well as the sold out area where the concert was situated, hosting 96, 000 people).
It’s an ingenious idea, able to reach such an incredibly expansive audience not only in terms of entertainment, but publicity.

But concerts that have an artistic flair are nothing especially new in the music world. Pyrotechnics, visual imagery (including video and artwork), lighting effects, stage set up, smoke and dry ice and even inflatables (think Pink Floyd’s giant inflatable pig), have all been worked into concerts in various ways. It is the method of presentation which is changing. Bigger seems to be better in this part of the music world. The more spectacular, the more unbelievable, the more innovative, the more rewarding.

So what can we expect to see next in the years to come? New innovations, new ideas and inspiration. Bigger audiences, bigger shows, everything at a grander scale. Only time will reveal what’s in store.






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