Sexual Abuse

28 10 2009

The media is full of inspirational stories whether it be heroic athletes who have overcome diversity or generous celebrities who are donating to important causes. However what about the truly courageous and unbelievable strength of ordinary people who are thrown in to horrific situations and overcome this difficulty in private, alone.

 One of these such individuals is an anonymous, now 18 year old girl from Sydney who has experienced an incomprehendable hell and come out strong, determined and a mature young woman. At the innocent age of only 13 young *Jenna ‘’dropped out’’ of school, only halfway through year 7, as she was pregnant. Most people would write this off as an unfortunate and sad situation a rebellious, wayward young girl had gotten herself into. However in this case, this could not be further from the truth. Jenna’s stepfather ensured the school she would continue to be educated at home. However her stepfather, who was the sole carer for Jenna at the time, was a pedophile, had been sexually abusing his step daughter her entire childhood and had fathered the baby she was pregnant with. Unfortunately this was not the end of the nightmare for damaged young Jenna. Her stepfather continued to sexually violate his captive teenager until she again fell pregnant again at 16.

At this point in her life Jenna’s stepfather had brainwashed his daughter to truly believe they were a normal, happy couple and this was what a functional relationship was. Jenna had become physically and psychologically dependant on the man who had completely controlled her for as long as she could remember.  

Justice was finally achieved for traumatized Jenna when this disgusting, now 40-something year old man, was jailed, until 2015 for sexual offences against children.  Stories like these are alarming because such atrocious abuse of parental responsibilities and roles is present in our world and often never uncovered.

Despite enduring such astoundingly cruel and disturbing treatment from the person who was supposed to protect and cherish her, her own ‘father’, Jenna has continued on with her life. She is now 18 years old and will finish year 12 at Tafe by taking the HSC equivalent there, called the Tertiary preparation course. Jenna still has ambitions for herself including attending university next year and getting a bachelor of primary education to become a teacher.

Although incidents like these expose us to a very dark side of humanity, they also depict the amazing resilience of the human spirit, in individuals just like Jenna.





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29 10 2009

Man. A lot of messed up people in the world.

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