Open Addiction

28 10 2009


The addiction made public, followed by the arrest, was an embarrassing final episode of Stephanie Part’s (Hills reality TV show star) drug addiction. The statements made by her family reveal that her older brother, Spencer Pratt, (hills reality TV show star) covered for her when people asked him if she took drugs. “She doesn’t take drugs”, he repeatedly told the public. He said he is now up to the state where he can’t even cover for her anymore, and now, Stephanie is being surprisingly open about the situation.

Stephanie started smoking pot when she was 15, and in a few weeks it escalated into many other things. She said when she was older, when she started to work with Lauren Conrad, Heidi Montag and Audrina Patridge, she felt fat, and so she turned bulimic.

Pratt says,
I remember saying, “I can’t believe how huge I look walking over to Lauren.” “It’s embarrassing working with skinny girls”.

Stephanie says that if she didn’t get arrested, she wouldn’t stand where she is now, under the management of professional help, she said it was an eye opener to her situation.





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