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28 10 2009

How To Make A Good First Impression

I am doing this one on how to make a good first impression. This is very important to be able to make a good impression when you are going into a job interview and if you don’t make a good first impression then some other person will get your job and that isn’t fun for anyone.

The first and most important thing to do is to be on time. The employer won’t care even if you have the best excuse in the world and arriving early is a lot better than arriving late.

Also be yourself and be calm because like lions, interviewers can sense your fear and they thrive off it and will make you more nervous and that creates a spiral that is hard to get out of.

You also have to present yourself appropriately. The person that you meet will almost defiantly not know anything about you so you should dress well and act polite to the person because they will base the rest of the time they know you on that first impression.

Don’t be too weird, you want to stand out but you have to be a bit normal otherwise they will think that you are a weirdo.

Remember to smile! If you frown or look depressed then you will send out the impression that you are not very interested in what they have to say.

Small talk goes a long way. Small talk is important otherwise you will just go into long awkward silences. Talk about anything that you can think of to fill the silences your work/school, how your day was, ask them questions ANYTHING!

The last thing is to be positive and listen to what they are saying. They don’t only want to hear about you they want to have a proper conversation.

These tips should be very helpful to you if you are meeting new people.

As always please send me new ideas because I am running out of ideas on what to do!!!!!!!

By Marc Mackie





9 responses

4 11 2009

marc i have no clue what you should do next but i will tell you that i didn’t even read yoyur last column and i will just say that it is good map you should do how to?

9 11 2009

i dont know what i said in my last comment or what i was on but mabye this should help. I liked the last purple dragon and it was very colourrfulllllll and and and and was not not god lol. have fun trying to find out what that meant

10 11 2009
Mrs Peter

hi marc 🙂
knowing your sense of humour, i would think that your ‘how to’ column could address issues such as
1 how to worry effectively
2 how to have a conversation with someone when you’ve forgotten who they are.
3 how to politely get rid of a telemarketing call

otherwise, there are topics like
how to change a tyre on a car
how to cook a three course meal for 4 for under $30
how to organise a youth group outing

what topics have you already done – apols for my ignorance.
now must return to the guidance and counsel of year 4. 🙂

11 11 2009

Thanks for the ideas Mrs Peter! They are really good ones and I will proberly be using most of them in latter weeks.

12 11 2009

hi – great blog! My Year 10 students had mock job interviews today & I’m sure that they would have benefitted from reading your advice. Well done!

12 11 2009
John Lawrence

Hi Marc,

Those are certainly some great ideas.

Another idea for you – watch what you say and/or post on social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. Apparently, a lot of institutional (e.g. college/university) recruiters and some employers are doing background checks using your name (not illegal but might cause you to loose a job if you are posting pictures of yourself getting drunk every weekend or using a lot of foul language!). To see just what people might find if they Google your name, do it yourself.

Cheers and good luck with the job search.

12 11 2009
andrew douch

The first impresssion thing is really important. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, and if you make a bad first impression I think you have to be doubly fantastic for the rest of the interview to make up for it. It’s definitely the most important minute of the interview.

12 11 2009

I’d like to see some demo videos!

12 11 2009
Mrs Hartley

Hi Marc

You could use what you have learnt in Commerce:
– how to invest in shares
– how to have a diversified investment portfolio
– how to organise a travel itinerary
– how to budget
– how to buy a mobile phone or a car
– how to make a complaint about a good or service you have bought
– how to be a wise consumer

Whatever you do I am sure it will be great. You write really well.


Mrs Hartley

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