I-Column 2.0 – Epic fail of the year

28 10 2009


By Giulia

 After vegemite’s ‘epic failure’ of a name for their new product, I have begun to notice the amount of merchandise around that uses the letter i somewhere in the name of their product.

 IPods, Iphones, even Nintendo’s new handheld console, the DSi- which went on sale on April 2nd– all have this letter somewhere in their name. So what is so good, so amazing, about the letter i?

Nintendo’s DSi features built in software for listening to music, taking and storing pictures, and even uploading them to Facebook.

‘I’ seems to be a code or some sort of shortened version of saying “new, improved, modern, and just simply irresistible”.  Adding numbers and letters to a normal word can make it seem amazingly modern and technological.  So then, why is vegemite chiming in as well?  There is nothing technological about yeasty, cheesy, pasty paste.

As much as people are protesting about vegemite being an Ozzie icon, and that it shouldn’t be changed, there were many  suggestions for vegemite’s new name- sensible ones like “vegelite” and “cheesymite” and then my own personal favourites such as “voldemite- the spread that must not be named”, which are a bit more… unique.

However, anyone that’s cruising through woollies at the moment will only find the normal “vegemite”, and “ vegemite- name me “.  We can only wait with baited breath to see what they will name the new product next- and hopefully they will leave out the much used letter i.




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