Gaming Preview by Branflakes and Dashby

28 10 2009


This is a preview on the new and improved Lost Planet 2 which will be released on 23rd of February. It will be released in North America on that day but is not yet clear when it will be released in Australia. Many people are hoping that it will be released on the same date. Lost Planet 2 is a total different game in Gameplay, Graphics and in the areas that the protagonists are sent to.

There are some new features in Lost Planet 2 which include a 4 player campaign, new and more powerful weapons and a wider variety of enemies to drain fluorescent juice from. Some of lost planet’s original features will return which includes major boss battles, different and extreme terrain and the amazing ability to pilot the Vital Suits (VS) which are basically giant mechanical suits that can be equipped with various dominant weaponry that own everything. Everything! On July 24th, 2009, at Comic-Con Producer, Jun Takeuchi, held a Q&A Session for Lost Planet Fans. He revealed that there would be a lot more co-op based VS battles. With this players will be able to ride with their friends and help them take down the many Giant creatures plaguing EDN III in which the story is based. Takeuchi also revealed that there would be flying VSs with unlimited flying time so players can explore and appreciate the game’s graphically amazing environment. With these new features Lost Planet 2’s large fan base will be able to take the game to new heights and experience brand new things in Lost Planet 2.

 On June 29th the Lost Planet 2 demo was released via Xbox live. The demo allows the player to pump an unnecessary amount of lead into the mammoth creature known as the salamander with a bunch of friends at your side. This was a great way to advertise the new game to its eager fans that have been waiting since late 2006.





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