Could Lexus be the next supercar manufacturer?

28 10 2009


Lexus could be the new future competition for the exotic European manufactures with the LF-A, their new two-seat exotic sports coupe.

After appearing 3 separate times at the North American International Motor Show in Detroit, orders for the Lexus LF-A opened up but it only a limited run of just 500 cars.

Costing somewhere around $417 500, this car is the fastest production car Lexus has produced to date. With 412 kilowatts (553 horsepower) under the hood and a ¼ mile time of 11.4 seconds, it’s faster than a Ferrari 430 Spider.

The car goes into production in late 2010 but it was raced last year in the 4 hour Nürburgring VLN and this year it was entered in alongside a Lexus IS-F and came 1st in its class.

It’s an impressive car with a stylish interior and a sleek exterior. With a price tag nowhere near Ferrari money but Ferrari like performance, it may be the semi-affordable supercar for the next few years.




One response

10 06 2010

I think this article is right that lexus could be a super car manufacturer

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