Ask Katie

28 10 2009

Dear Katie,

Ok, I’m in my freshman year and my best friend recently got a boyfriend. This is totally fine with me, but she is spending all her time with him and none with me. Half the time I wonder if she notices I’m really there. I don’t want to hurt her feelings or break them up but I feel like I’m losing my best friend.

Any ideas?



Dear Beth,

Freshman year is confusing enough without boys making even more confusing. If you really feel like this boy is ruining you and your friend’s friendship, then talk to her about it. She should be able to divide her time between her best friend and her boyfriend, and if her boyfriend really does care about her then he will understand.


Ask Katie,

My mom wants me to join the glee club, I want to do football. What do I do? I feel like ‘breaking free’ from her but she says ‘we’re all in this together’. I really, can’t join, how do I tell her or what should I do?

‘SOS please someone help me’.

From – 16 going on 17


Dear 16,

Breaking Free is what being teenager is all about. We constantly want to do the opposite of what we are meant to do, just for the adrenaline rush. Maybe you should do both the football and the glee club. The club could be really fun, but if your talents lie elsewhere like football, then go for it. Be respectful of your mums wishes, and try not to hurt her, but at the same time, do what you think is best for you. Maybe you could ‘meet her half way on the borderline’ of both ideas.

‘Don’t stop believing!’


Dear Katie,


My parents are so strict! They won’t let me do anything, like watch any of my favorite shows cause they are rated M and they won’t let me do anything with my friends. They won’t even let me have a phone!! I’m so sick of them treating me like a kid, it’s so annoying. I’m 18 years old, it sucks!

Help me!


From Parental Control


Dear Parental,

Sometimes parents just find it hard to let go. They like to believe that you still the same, venerable 5 year old you were 13 years ago. It helps to talk to them without getting angry and yelling, which is a hard thing to do, I know, but it works. It shows them how mature you are. You should try and co-operate with their ideas like, I promise to let you know where I am going and everything I do when I go out with friends.  This way they know that you are willing to work with them for some freedom.






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