The fun of immaturity

21 10 2009


These days innocence is lost at a very young age. The ability to protect children from exposure to items which are considered inappropriate for their age group is near impossible and we are constantly being told about the decay of behaviour in children. But why is exposure to items necessarily the cause? If these items are so terrible for small children to see why should adults watch them? By no means do I suggest that a 5 year old should be allowed to watch Clockwork Orange or Pulp Fiction but these items don’t decay the person, but the way their presented to a person does.

There are constant requests through adolescence by parents for their children to ‘grow up’ and constant pressure to become adults. But why must childhood be forgotten to become an adult? Maybe adults are the ones who need to rethink their actions. A 5 year old will be psyched to hear that he can draw all day or run around a park but adults can in theory do all this but cast them aside as childish and pointless. But what is point? Quoting Irvine Welshes, Trainspotting “Choose life, choose a job, choose a career, choose a family…choose rotting away at the end of it all…” That is my opinion of many options suggested as a ‘good’ path to follow in life. But why must we necessarily confine ourselves into a box? I want to run in a park, draw every day, get psyched on everything I do and have immature, mindless fun.

I love to laugh at cartoons, love to look at colours, to focus on emotion rather than method.  My childhood is slowly being lost at 16 and I can feel it, for so long all I wanted to be was older, to be 18 and mature. But now that I’m 16 I want to be mentally younger, to forget the problems that seem so big now but on fore thought don’t mean anything.  I want to forget grades, what do they mean to me? I want to forget how much money I need for food, what does it matter? I want to destroy my facebook, email and phone number; can’t I just walk to your house? I want to destroy cars, when did endlessly riding bikes, skate boards and walking go out the window? I’m in a culture that obsesses over efficiency rather than enjoyment, people worry how fast their internet goes, how clear their TV is, how much gas they need for their car. Why?

Why did JD Salinger end Catcher in The Rye with the giving in of Holden Caulfield? I wanted to see him triumphantly rise to give the reader hope of a place where you can dream and be immature forever.  The image of his little sister loving the carousel ride is what life should be. Unadulterated fun, forget possessions and security, I want endless freedom. I want the unknown. I don’t want to care but I do. I am losing my carelessness, why do we exclude others as we age? I remember the parties in kindergarten when everyone would be invited and everyone would come. It would be awesome. But now I find myself crossing off people I want near me, why? For petty unimportant reasons.

For me I want my life to be childhood forever, innocently looking for fun, questioning everything and its expected result. I want dance everyday to music, not caring who’s watching, I want to wear whatever, not caring whose judging, I want to run aimlessly without worrying where I am going.  But I do care I wish I didn’t but I do.




3 responses

23 10 2009
Mr Wade

Great article, well written. Agree fully that innocence gets lost so early so often. Well done.

23 10 2009

As a 34-year-old, I read this with a mixture of nostalgia and regret. You have expressed so clearly the great tragedy of “growing up”. Extremely moving and motivating – I think I’ll print this and stick it up on my wall!

26 10 2009


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