Glamorising Vegemite?

21 10 2009

Everyone knows about Vegemite. This great Aussie invention is an acquired taste and loved by many Australians. However over the past few months it seems as if the Vegemite Company has had an identity crisis and started to do everything they could to make vegemite bigger, better, tastier and more appealing to more people. Once the humble vegemite has now had its flavour added to, to taste like vegemite and cheese and with change in taste and texture, comes a change in everything.

Invented in 1922 Vegemite is similar to Marmite, Promite and every other sort of ‘mite’ you can imagine. Vegemite has been a favourite for many Aussie kids and adults who have grown up on it. Over the years Vegemite has changed its packaging but kept its name and taste! Now vegemite has developed a new name and flavour – Isnack 2.0 and its receiving little love from the public.

It seems as if under a fit of despair the production company has decided to glamorise vegemite in order to suit an evolving society. What they neglected to realise however is that you can’t glamorise an Aussie favourite! A no fuss nation, can’t we keep our no fuss spread truly Aussie!? It goes under the saying ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!’





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