Get Educated or Don’t Race

21 10 2009

It’s become apparent from the international cycling union, that cyclers now need to complete an educational program to be able to compete in the Tour De France or lose their right to race. “Education has to be done in parallel with testing,” UCI anti-doping manager Anne Gripper told The Associated Press. The program will educate the riders on how they will be tested, the types of ways to find out how they know if drugs have been consumed, and the ways legal drugs could harm their bodies if they were consumed irresponsibly.

Not only is this a good opportunity to really purify the skill within the cycling association, but it’s really going to show who has the pure skill, and who was depending on a formula to win the race. Many people will like the fact that associations are finally taking a step forward into improving the reputation of Australian Cycling Representatives to enable them to be remembered in an honourable and proud way.






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