Earthquake kills hundreds

21 10 2009


Sumatra was in ruins as a huge earthquake destroyed the island. Over one thousand are presumed dead from the quake which tore down buildings over the island.

The disaster is spread all over the island and with only so much help; scores of people will be lost. Fires covered the city of Padang when the 7.6-magnitude quake shocked the cities 1 million people.

75 people are confirmed to be killed when large buildings in the city crumbled to the ground.  “Houses have collapsed; the lights and electricity were cut off… People were fleeing to higher ground and some were hurt,” said a resident of Padang city.

Multiple aftershocks frightened the island, fearing their lives. Two aftershocks reaching over a 6.0-magnitude reading were felt, which is as strong as an original earthquake.

The affects of the original earthquake could be felt in the city of Jakarta which is 940 kilometers away from Padang.

A tsunami alert was considered being sent but was withdrawn after no immediate threat was shown.

Another earthquake of a magnitude of 8.1 hit the island of Samoa. The quake caused mammoth tsunamis with over 100 people confirmed dead 4 being Australians.

Mathew Wood




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