Delhi and the Red Fort

21 10 2009


Travelling on a gruelling and tiresome plane trip from the capital of Jordan, Amman, to Delhi, my family and I were not feeling the greatest. Arriving in Delhi’s somewhat small and unconventional airport at 4:00am in the morning, we were groggy and too tired for any human interaction. But, alas we were travelling, so there was no time for complaining, and we were off again.

                A taxi ride into Delhi, we walked through the streets early in the morning, packs on backs, manoeuvring ourselves through the hundreds of people that crowded the little streets. Coming from Sydney, I guess you could say that I was just a little surprised to see monkeys relaxing on the side of the road and the cows roaming wherever they would please, as huge and scary as they may seem. Children were running around in nothing more than t-shirts, elderly men and women bartering their goods, beautiful Indian women parading about in flamboyant and colourful sari’s contrasted to beggars sitting by the roads with horrible mutilations. This entire city seemed so alive, but all the same gritty and polluted.

                Sluggishly walking through the rubbish infested streets, we hopped into a tuk tuk to explore the famous red fort. It was an amazing ride; the amount of times I thought that we were either going to fall out of the tiny vehicle or be hit (on numerous occasions) by trucks, bicycles, cars, buses and other tuk tuk’s was phenomenal.

                The red fort was amazing. Commencing to be built in the order of Mughal Emperor Shahjahan in 1638 for the royal family to live in, it took ten years to complete; the colour of the red sandstone remaining astonishing in the early morning light. The Mughal Architecture of the whole complex was breathtaking. Walking throughout the inside of the fort was even more incredible. The marble inlays, with precious stones and gems lighting up the interior of the fort, were indescribable, although, it was sad to see so many were chiselled out for greed and supposed wealth.

                Exploring the red fort was remarkable, I’ll never forget it, but only being 8 in the morning, and having no sleep the night before; I was ready for some well deserved sleep. We checked in to a little two star hotel for five hours sleep and we were all pleased. But getting up soon after, again feeling groggy, we were off to our next destination, travelling on an overnight sleeper train to Jodhpur. The adventure never ceased.

By Nighthawk






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