Celebrity Gossip

21 10 2009


Celebrity Gossip; Thousands upon thousands of magazines, websites and television programs rely on this modern phenomenon for their sale. However after reviewing even a few of the breaking stories on sites like ‘celebitchy’ and’ Perez Hilton’, the amount of  fluff appears almost comically ridiculous. It makes me wonder if the producers of these stories are continually insulting their audience’s intelligence or are simply keeping pace with and profiting off, their increasingly gullible and holly-wood obsessed readers.
For example, in recent times, it is unlikely to be able to see any tabloid magazine that doesn’t mention the highly dramatized Brad Pitt – Angelina Jolie – Jen Aniston love triangle. Although at first following the break up of Brad and Jen in 2005, there may have been some truth in the media about the reasons for the divorce, one of these including Brad’s new relationship with Ange, it is clear, after this initial event, the situation and the resulting stories have become more and more fictitious and really taken on a life of their own.  

There are many articles such as these, which are backed up by ‘a friend’ or other anonymous and seemingly unreliable sources as well as the blatant creation of conflict between these individuals when there is no drama present. Entire articles and front page stories can be based on certain selected photos, which support the particular angle they are trying to push in this week’s issue. This makes me question how much these publishers think the public will swallow up and accept as truth without hesitation.

That being said, we can’t forget the relationship between supply and demand. The popularity and further production of these ridiculous stories is only made possible by the audience’s ongoing consumption.




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