Book review- The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

21 10 2009


The Hunger Games is the sort of book that you cannot put down. The sort of book that you stay awake at night thinking about. The sort of book that makes you think- “Wow, this would make a good movie.”

As futuristic Dystopias go, Suzanne Collins has really excelled with this one. The United States is gone, replaced by a television dominated dictatorship dominated by a city called The Capitol. The rest of the country is divided into 12 districts, and every year a strange and terrible ritual happens to remind the districts that the Capitol is boss.

 Every year, one boy and one girl is chosen from each district, and they must compete against each other in a specially devised arena. The last one standing is the winner and is awarded a life of luxury.

 The story revolves around a young girl called Katniss, who steps in to take the place of her younger sister, who was chosen for the Hunger Games. She is partnered with Peeta Mellark, a weak but kind boy from her district, and struggles to adapt and survive as she travels around The Capitol, but finds herself strangely at home in the arena, as she is used to hunting.

Sometimes terrible, graphic and violent, this book is full of suspense. There are surprises around every corner and even before the arena, we get to see just how far away the poverty stricken districts are from the shiny sleek and smoothly glassed over world of the Capitol.

This book is highly recommended. The world readers are placed in seems so real, and the characters are easy to relate to- the suspense is tangible as throughout the book you know that to win, Katniss must kill her friends.

It was recently announced that they are producing a movie of this book-and it will be hard to keep it under an MA15+ rating. The Hunger Games is a controversial read, but highly entertaining and a definite read- under- the- covers- at night- type of book. It is unputdownable.


By Giulia





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22 10 2009

The Hunger Games is going to become a movie in 2011 with Suzanne Collins as the screen writer.

I can’t wait for it I really hope it turns out good.

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