Ask Katie

21 10 2009

Dear Katie

Whenever I go out into the sun I get really burnt, like bright red. How can I stay in the sun at the beach as summer approaches and not get burnt?


From Burnt-to-a-crisp


Dear Burnt,

What I find helpful when going to the beach is wearing a rash shirt. No matter how dorky they seem, they help immensely when facing the harsh rays of the sun. Also, remember to Slip, Slop, Slap.  Slip on a rash shirt, slop on some sunscreen, slap on a hat. Just remember to wait 10 minutes after applying strong sunscreen, so when you go into the water it doesn’t come off. Also, put it on every 4 hours, or whenever it says to re-apply.  Sunscreen helps, but it isn’t permanent! Also, during summer, 11-1 pm are the hottest parts of the day so try to avoid being out at these times. Have a great time this summer!



Dear Katie

I have liked a guy for a few months, but every time I want to talk to him, I freak out and have nothing to say! I really like him, but I know that it won’t work if I can’t talk to him.  He’s seems like really good guy, but there is a problem. My parents want to meet whoever I date before we can actually go “on a date”. I’m scared that if I go out with this guy, he won’t want to meet my parents. What can I do?


Dear Confused,

How do you know you like him if you have never actually talked to him? Next time you see him, or see he’s online on face book or something, strike up a conversation. Ask him what he’s into, what he wants to do when he leaves school. As nervous as you may be, do not worry! If he likes you, as a friend or even more than a friend, he will take the time to talk to you. As for your parents, don’t worry. If this guy is as great as he seems, then he’ll go and meet your parents, no matter how scary they are! Good Luck!



Dear Katie,

My sister is really getting on my nerves. She is two years younger than me and she always steals all of my stuff. She never gets in trouble, even when she does something bad (like lying or sneaking out) but when I get do something even remotely bad (like not cleaning my plate after dinner) my parents go off at me. They don’t care when my sister steals my stuff either.


 From Sister Drama


Dear Drama,

I have 2 younger sisters, so I know how you feel. My youngest sister seems to think it is necessary to take stuff from me. How about talking to your parents about that way you feel about it, and ways that they can help you feel better. Just remember to suggest ways to stop her from getting in, rather than letting your parents come up with ideas all by themselves. Negotiating helps and it makes them believe that you’re more mature and are thinking things through. Good luck!




Dear Katie,

My parents are putting loads of pressure on me with the exams just around the corner. They won’t let me do anything, and when I point out that they are 6 weeks away, they just tell me that there is more time to study then. We always end up fighting over this, and this stops us talking for weeks.


They are driving me crazy!

Sick of Studying.


Dear Studying,

Rather than yelling at them for telling you what you can or can’t do, remind them that you are old enough to be deciding what you can or can’t do. Suggest ways that you can get a mixture of freedom and study time. I agree, studying is boring, and sometimes one needs a break, so talk to them about your problems. You are the only one who knows what you need and how to get it. I hope this helps! 





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