A 4-Door sedan that can reach over 405km/h. Do we need something that fast?

21 10 2009


Bugatti, maker of the world’s current fastest car the Bugatti Veyron, announced this week their newest concept car – the Bugatti Galibier.

The Galibier takes a new look at the world of high performance super cars, it has four doors. The styling is very similar to the Veyron except the boot and extra set of doors. The announcement of the Galibier comes closely after Porsche released their first sedan, the Panamera which received a hard reception by the diehard 911 fans.

Bugatti claims that the Galibier will have somewhat the same specifications as its big brother but with a larger price tag: around $3.5 Million Australian for its prospective buyers.

It’s a nice idea to have a sedan that can keep up with any modern supercar but the question is, is it practical? But do we really need a sedan that blurs the lines between sedan and F1 car?

 Could you imagine someone driving their kids to school in one of these only to be rear-ended by a North Shore housewife in an Audi Q7 or a Porsche Cayenne? Do we need parents speeding down a main road at 250km/h to get their kids to school in time?

With more and more exotic manufacturers venturing into the family car market, how long till we see a hatchback over taking a Lamborghini on a track?


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