The Ultimate Sacrifice

30 09 2009

This specific, much rarer, branch of Alzheimer’s is a cruel and limiting disease. As oppose too many other aging related diseases, early on-set alzeihmers slowly unravels or damages the mind while the body remains youthful and capable. However these physical capabilities are obviously irrelevant in these circumstances.  This condition presents the affected with  understandably overwhelming anger and confusion as they will usually be placed in nursing homes designed for the care of frail and immobile elderly people.  This seems an injustice to the victims of this disease and reveals a current lack of resources in Australia’s health care system to deal with people with this condition.

About 15,000 Australians, including 5000 aged below 60 have contracted this disease; among them is Gary Lovell, aged 46, who has already begun to feel the effects of this looming condition which will inevitably succeed in taking his memory and the life he now enjoys. 

Lovell’s grandfather, mother and some aunties and uncles also acquired this disease and specialists have now determined many of the genes behind younger-onset Alzheimer’s are passed on. For this exact reason, having the dominant gene, Gary Lovell’s future children would be at risk. He has therefore made the decision to not have biological children saying, ”I would feel so guilty if I passed this thing on. It stops with me, that’s it.” This is a brave sacrifice to be made by Lovell and his wife but watching his loved one’s once productive minds slowly decline from the disease has cemented this choice in his mind.





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