Beatles remastered, can you hear the difference?

30 09 2009


9/9/09, for some, a day of synchronisation, for others, simply a day of like numbers, but for over 235000, it’s the day that legendary band THE BEATLES gets remastered. It’s a celebration of the immortal band, and of course, a great way to blow AU$400 in one fell swoop.

The hype around this collection had been mounting for not that long, which in hindsight seems sensible as we all know that a long wait is a tortuous one, so this set first started making us jittery in May, and then the hype just slowly mounted. At first many were cynical, criticising that nothing can be perfect, and that this is just another scam for us to burn a hole in our pockets. A lot of this criticism is probably from those who have purchased past collections, collections claiming to be close to miracles that sound disappointing and wasted. But that soon faded away, The Beatles Stereo Collection selling over 235,000 units in just two days. The collection has become an international bestseller before even being available in stores for a week.

The box set has re-sparked peoples’ love for olden golden music. Put aside your electro synth and your falsetto jazz-fusion and just listen to old rock, rock that you can relate to, rock that you fancy singing in the shower, rock that you hum on the bus, rock that you sing to in public. Give Miley Cyrus and The Black Eyed Peas a back seat and get back to the basics.

The set has coincided with the multi-platform game “The Beatles: Rock Band, an addictive game where you mime along to the infectious melodies of The Beatles, whether playing along on the Rock Band guitar, imitating George Harrisons drums or singing the lyrics “Hey Jude, don’t make it bad….”

The Beatles Box Set in Mono and Stereo has smashed through the charts, and has had an overwhelming reception, being hailed as a miracle, and the greatest outcome of modern technology to date, but the question is, can money really buy you love?





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