18 09 2009

I know what my job is,

The point has been made.

You say I have a big head,

And you’re right, I’m afraid.

So put me in my place,

And then leave me alone.

What I need most,

Is someone to drive me home.

What am I?


Marking mortal privation, when firmly in place.

An enduring summation, inscribed in my face.

What am I?


Two words, my answer is only two words.

To keep me, you must give me.

What am I?


A mile from end to end,
yet as close to you as a friend.
A precious commodity, freely given.
Seen on the dead and on the living.
Found on the rich, poor, short and tall,
but shared among children most of all.

 What am I? 








Answers; 1) A Nail 2) A tombstone 3) Your Word 4) A smile






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