Australia’s Josef Fritzl

18 09 2009

According to reports, a Victorian man raped his daughter almost daily for 30 years and fathered her four children in a case that reflects Austria’s Fritzl incest horror.

A News Limited paper reports the alleged rape started in the 1970’s, when the victim was 11 years old, and continued until 2007.

The report states that all four children were born with defects in Melbourne’s major hospitals.

The man, known to be in his 60’s, has been charged with more than 80 offences and is to appear in court in November.

Child welfare advocates called for a full inquiry and claims authorities were warned decades ago yet failed to investigate allegations.

A source closely involved in the Victorian cases claims that it is “every bit as bad as, if not worse than, the Josef Fritzl case, especially the fact that she had so many children to her father.”

Fritzl was jailed for life early this year for keeping his daughter prisoner in a cellar under their house where he raped her and fathered her 7 children for over 24 years.

In Victoria, neighbours claim they had suspicions of abuse, but said they didn’t go to authorities because they didn’t want to cause trouble.

The victim’s mother claims that she was unaware of any abuse, despite sharing a house with her husband, daughter and grandchildren.

The woman reportedly spoke to police at Morwell, in Gippsland, eastern Victoria, in 2005 after a neighbour intervened, but declined to cooperate because she fear for her safety.

It has been claimed that the man threatened his daughter with violence against her mother and siblings while he raped her.

The family was known to authorities for over 30 years. Three of the man’s children with his wife died. The surviving children were understood to have spent long periods in care.

None of the victim’s children had their fathers name on their birth certificates.

All the children suffer from health and developmental problems and one died from complications. The woman, now in her 40’s, has been reported to have to physical concerns, according to health professionals.

The father was charged in February after the victim came forward a second time and made a statement to police.

The woman and her surviving children will be moved to a safe house and a being cared for by professionals.

Her mother, who is still married to the alleged rapist, denied knowing who the father of her grandchildren was.

When first questioned by police, the man denied raping his daughter but was charged after tests showing that he was the father of her children.






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