Preschoolers with depression

16 09 2009

Almost 15% of preschoolers are facing depression and anxiety. Depression is leading to a major problem. This problem can lead to depression in later life and can lead to having highly strung children.

A study has found that depression can occur in children as young as three. This problem prevents the children from having the proper amount of sleep. This effects the changes in appetite and concentration/ lack of interest in things they used to find pleasurable and suddenly aggressive behaviour.

The symptoms are that they might not be as happy as other people and are fearful and anxious, worried and who have difficulty having fun and joining in with other children. This study shows that children with depression are likely to have had mothers or fathers who faced depression or anxiety at younger stages in life.

These children feel discomfort and unfamiliarity. They get pushed beyond what they can really handle and this triggers a strong emotional response. Some of these children get restless and uninspired and end up not doing well with their learning. Previously, researchers didn’t think that depression could happen this young because they thought that children under the age of 6 were too immature to experience it.

These preschoolers may have to go see a doctor or a counsellor so that this depression doesn’t get worse and get to a stage where they just can’t handle it and they may do something bad to themselves. Depression can lead to suicide or the killing of others.

See a counsellor, save your child from depression.

By Charlotte






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