16 09 2009


The koala is native to Australia. It is found in coastal regions of eastern and southern Australia, near Adelaide to the southern part of the Cape York Peninsula but is not found in Tasmania or Western Australia. The word koala means ‘doesn’t drink’.

The koala is not a bear but when it first became known to Europeans the name became ‘koala bear’. The koala is similar in appearance to the wombat but has a thicker coat, much larger ears, and longer limbs. And has large, sharp claws to help with climbing tree trunks.

The koala’s five fingers are arranged with opposable thumbs, providing better gripping ability. The koala is one of the few mammals (other than primates) that have fingerprints (Koala fingerprints are similar to human fingerprints.) The teeth of the koala are similar to some marsupials, such as kangaroos and wombats.

The koala is generally a silent animal, but the males have a very loud call that can be heard from almost a kilometer away during the breeding season. Koalas live till they are about 18 years of age. The koala only eats eucalypt leaves. They have a slow metabolism and sleep for most of the day about 16 to 18 hours a day.   

By Vivian








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