Giant Python makes home in toilet

16 09 2009


Erik Rantzau from the Northern Territory walked past his toilet last week to get the shock of his life. A 3.5 m giant carpet python was in his toilet. The man went to sit on his toilet to get a huge surprise and said that the snake physically blocked the pipes and has been living in the toilet and his backyard for about 4 weeks.  

The snake wrangler Chris Peberdy went to Erik’s house to catch it but it kept disappearing into the pipes. Although it kept disappearing Rantzau kept the lid down and only used the outside toilet just in case.

In Peverdy’s last attempts to catch the snake he put talcum powder all over the floor to see if the snake was staying in the pipes or coming out. When he came back they had found that the snake was moving in and out the back door to the toilet bowl. When the snake poked its head out of the bowl Mr Peverdy managed to wrangle the huge reptile out of the toilet and soon released it into the bush. His advice for the week is “Look before you sit.”

By Mandy Mango





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