Ellen joins Idol

16 09 2009

Ellen DeGeneres announced earlier this month that she will take over as 4th judge of American Idol after the departure of Paula Abdul. She will start her job when the new series kicks off in mid January. DeGeneres will join the other current judges Kara DioGuardi, Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson.

DeGeneres made it clear to her audience of her current day job that just because she has joined Idol doesn’t mean that she will stop doing her show.

“I’m not leaving here. Don’t worry about that. I’m going to have a day job and a night job. The times we’re living in we’re all doing that.”




2 responses

17 09 2009

i love ellen and i’m sure everyone at ai knows they can’t replace paula abdul ever really because she’s got so many fans and they loved seeing her on there and watched to hear her and see her just as much as the singers. so they had to find someone else who had a lot of fans. not another bitter, over-critical, brutally honest person or another super smooth and cool type. ellen is one of the funniest talk show hosts in the world. she’s talented but she’ll never be able toreally replace paula abdul on that show. she’ll be starting from scratch and since she’s popular and famous and has all her fans from her talk show they probably thought it would be a good idea to put ellen in paula’s seat. in one interview ellen seemed defensive saying she didn’t want to take paula’s job. following an act like paula would make anyone feel insecure and nervous. even kara came off too brash for me, like she was nervous about being the 4th judge and trying to be really tough.

21 09 2009
plum good

I really love Ellen Degenneres but it’s really weird choice for her to judge idol. she’s really hysterical but it is really weird that the american idol producers thought she should be the 4th judge. why don’t they add a 5th and 6th judge and let it be dave chappelle and some other funny woman comedian? just proves that it’s impossible to replace paula! and that american idol is slipping big time.

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