Detox, is it good for you?

16 09 2009


Are you tired? Got no energy to do everyday life? Is your skin as clear as you would like it to be? Is your digestion not so good? Well if you answer yes to any of these questions it would be beneficial to do a Detox. Or is it? Most people say that missing a meal or two and flushing with juices has a positive detoxifying affect on your body. There are so many types of detoxes that are out there for you to try, like the lemon Detox and the apple cleanse to name a few.

The Apple cleanse is for liver cleansing to remove toxins so the liver can function without being clogged. This type of cleansing will regulate your digestive system and allow your liver to function more efficiently in burning calories and releasing fat from your cells. It will also shrink your stomach and get rid of unwanted sugar cravings. But this must be done over a longer period of time to get the results of a negative calorie balance.

This is how it works. Eat nothing but apples, any variety, whenever you are hungry from the time you awake until the time you usually have dinner (usually 3-5).  Drink plenty of water througout the day as well. For Dinner – have a 3-5 oz. serving of lean protein and be sure to include green vegetables as at least 50% of your meal.  But should we be following this cleansing suggestion?

Our bodies need nutrients from different types of foods such as egg, milk and carrots. If we do not have these proteins we do not get the minerals and energy from these foods. They say while doing this cleanse you should not eat bread, rice or starchy vegetables, such potatoes (any kind) and corn for 2 days. They say that “It will rid your digestive system of the unwanted toxins, helping your liver break down fats and regulate weight loss.  It will also start you at a negative calorie balance of about 2,000 calories”

But it’s not all about calories is it? No, we eat for our body to get the minerals and energy necessary from the food so we can walk, run, jump, and do normal daily life with a healthy body. If all we are concerned about is calories then we start to eat certain foods and not others and we need a full range of different colours from the plant and animal world to provide the range of nutrients required for optimum health.

It may make you lose weight for the time being but in the long term you body is not going to like it and it will mean your body will have to work harder on supplying those ingrediance its self taking energy away from you. On the other hand The Lemon Detox is in effect liquid food – nourishing and energizing.

Digesting solid food consumes much of the body’s energy and overrides many of its other tasks. If you do the cleanse your body properly it can focus its energy on cleansing. Doing a detox will cleanse the body of toxins, help with weight loss if you’re overweight, increase your energy & vitality, give you shinier hair & stronger nails, clearer skin and eyes, better digestion and greater sense of wellbeing.

Extremely low calorie low diets have the little known effect of slowing the metabolism, as the body goes into “starvation mode”, therefore making it more easy to put on weight when a normal diet is resumed. 

In the long term you may have short-term weight loss, long-term weight gain, dramatic side effects, and may makes exercise more difficult. So you chose, is it really worth the negative effects and strain on you? After all it’s your body isn’t it?   

By Vivian






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