To smoke or not to smoke- that is the question

14 09 2009


 I know you’ve heard this all before, but. Smoking is bad. It really really is. According to the world health organization (WHO), one billion people will die from tobacco- related causes by the end of the century. That is, of course, only if current trends continue. And as much as we might frown and cover our noses in disgust, are we non- smokers really aware of the impacts smoking and giving it up can have on your life?

Every year, 5.4 million people die from lung cancer, heart disease, or other illnesses directly linked to tobacco usage. That’s one person dying from cigarette usage every six seconds.

Most people know smoking is not good for their health- even the cigarette packets they use scream out at them that ‘smoking kills’ and ‘smoking is harmful to you and people around you’. Since the introduction of graphic images to cigarette packages, people are also confronted with contorted cancerous teeth or black tar clinging to red bruised lungs. All these warnings scream out at them all the time- and yet why do people still continue to smoke despite this?

The perceived image that smoking is cool, tough, sophisticated, or it can help you relax and chill out are some reasons- and peer pressure can also play a very big part in getting someone to start smoking. Once you start smoking, it may become very difficult to give up- cigarettes contain nicotine, a highly addictive substance that your body becomes accustomed to and relies on and finds it hard to do without, once you start taking it in on a daily basis. That is why giving up is so hard- people will feel terrible cravings because their body feels that it needs nicotine to keep in balance.

Starting smoking is a big thing- regardless of peer pressure you have to think about the consequences it can have on your life. Research has shown that the younger you are when you start to smoke, the more likely it is that you will experience smoking related disease and illness, such as cancer and heart disease. As for the notion that smoking is cool and sophisticated- smoking causes bad breath, skin breaking out and stain your teeth. In the long run, it really isn’t worth it.

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