Marc’s How To Column

14 09 2009

This is my How To Column!

Today it’s how to write a resume. My last one was how to resign so I thought this to be a good idea.

A resume is what you write if you want to apply for a job. It is a summary of your skills, work experience and education. If you have a better resume than anyone else who is applying for the job then you will almost defiantly get the job.

If the resume is too long then it probably won’t be read so it should be about one or two pages. Other things that you can include are your traits. For example you are good at working in a team or you get on well with people. You should also list your strengths and any award or achievements that you have gotten or done. You should properly put your most recent things that you’ve done first then go backwards.

Here is a list of things that you should include in your resume:

Personal details- Your name, contact details ect.

Education and Training- A brief list of your education and training starting with your most recent then going back.

Employment History- Previous jobs and employers that you have worked under.

Skills and Abilities- Any skills that you have and any Abilities as well.

Carrier Objectives (optional) – What job you want to end up with, this shows that you’ve given though to the future.

Interests (optional) – What your hobbies you have and what you are interested in. This gives your employer a picture of your life and what you are like.

Referees- People who can say that you work well and can vouch for you. NOTE: Get their approval to reference them before including them in your resume.

After you have put all these things in your resume remember to proofread and spell check it before you give it in. If you have done all these things then you have quite a good resume under your belt.

By Marc




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