Flags, Maps, Economics and a Whole Lot of Colour

14 09 2009

A Snapshot of the MCA & Louisa Bufardeci

Venturing into Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art is a rare, yet very enjoyable experience for me. I had the pleasure of visiting the gallery on August 29th, to witness some of the new works that that have been presented.

Walking into the foyer, I find myself already in the midst of Louisa Bufardeci’s Some Material Flags, suspended from the ceiling. Although taken aback at the sheer scale of the flags, the seeming simplistic method of which they have been put together at first puts its audience at ease.
However, I later discover there is a complex key to the flags, the different symbols all representing different factors of an economy, such as money, life and death, etc.

As you enter the floor of the full exhibition you encounter something of a fork in the road. To your left, the works seem a little distant, until you notice the many other small nooks and crannies on either side. To your right you are met with an enticing explosion of colour, Bufardeci’s Team Joy; a dazzling, yet worryingly fragile installation.

More of Bufardeci’s work is displayed in a room just next to the colourful corridor. A momentous image covers one wall, a collection of every country in the world, drawn up as architectural plan. The other wall is less bombarding, displaying Recent Plan for Equal Distribution of Equality and portraying the connections between many countries in different ways, for example, the internet. A mass of pink and yellow swiggles and shapes at first glance, but on closer inspection, an intricate maze of statistics and information.

This is just a tiny snapshot of some of the work that is currently on display at the MCA, and hopefully some encouragement to get out there and immerse yourself in an elaborate, splendorous environment.


Louisa Bufardeci Team Joy 2004 mixed media installation, acrylic paint on wood and nails, adhesive labels information sourced from http://www.cia.gov dimensions variable Image courtesy the artist and Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne and Sydney © the artist Originally commissioned by the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art for Cycle Tracks will Abound in Utopia, 2004





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