It’s a small, small, small world

10 09 2009
2008 First prize winner- Michael Stringer- Marine Diatoms

2008 First prize winner- Michael Stringer- Marine Diatoms

Each year, Nikons Small World Contest showcases big photographs of small things. During the past 34 years, Nikon has sponsored the International Small World competition, boasting excellence in photography with the optical microscope.

An optical microscope is a type of microscope which uses visible light and a system of lenses to magnify images of small samples. It allows you to see tiny things which you could never see with the naked eye.

The Nikon Small World contest consists of photographs of tiny life forms and organisms, for example, in the 2008 Small World contest, the images entered where of specimens of insects, recrystallised chemicals and biochemical’s, fluorescently labelled tissue sections, plants, various microorganisms, liquid crystals, and fibres.

Other artists showcased in the exhibition include Michael Stringer, Paul Marshall and Albert Tousson. The judges for the 2008 contest where Ivan Oransky (Scientific American), Alice Park (Time magazine), David L. Spector (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory), Ron Sturm (CTLGroup), and Michael W. Davidson (Florida State University).

The first prize for winning the competition is $ 3, 000 toward the purchase of Nikon equipment, and an invitation to attend an awards presentation ceremony in New York City as Nikons special guest.  The deadline for entries is April 30, 2010, and you can upload your entries online at for the 2010 Nikon Small World Competition.  Good luck! 






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14 09 2009

This is a good article, it reminds me of the everlasting screaming emitting from the red glow within the hole in the floor in my kitchen, an eternal regret and gloominess lurks around this chasm like a curse, and the truth is that the unholy and unjust are simply a quirk away from consuming me entirely.
leading me into a deep dark spiral of degradation, deterioration and complete and utter evil.

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