10 09 2009
Salvador DALÍ Self Portrait

Salvador DALÍ Self Portrait

The National Gallery of Victoria is currently hosting Liquid Desire, an exhibition of surrealist Salvidor Dali’s artwork. The exhibition captures almost of the art making period of Dali’s life, ranging from works he created from as young as fourteen. It is apparently the first time a collection like this has been shown in Australia ever before. “Salvador Dalí: Liquid Desire brings together more than 200 stunning works by Salvador Dalí in all media including painting, drawing, watercolour, etchings, sculpture, fashion, jewellery, cinema and photography.” (1)


Surrealism was part of a new era of art making. Artists were becoming bored with the repetitive, tradition styles that had aged over the centuries. 
Now, instead of attempting to visually recreate an environment in exact and pretentious methods, the emerging surrealist artists crafted environments
that did not require logic, nor sense. The laws of nature, and of reality
 no longer applied and the mysterious workings of the deeper, more abstracts thoughts of man gained control over sense and sensibility.

Salvidor Dali was one of the first surrealist artists. As a young teenager, he began painting coastal landscapes, and fishing areas, based on the area he lived at as a child. As he grew older his work and his style slowly became defined as he experimented with abstract,
circuitous concepts. He was invited to join the art and proceeded to become one of the most renowned artists in the world.

 The exhibition began on June 14th and is set to conclude on October 4th this year.











One response

14 09 2009

salvador must have had intereting views of himself to have created that fascinating ‘self portrait’.
had a truly amazing way of thinking.
well written informative article

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