Marc’s ‘How to’ Column

3 09 2009

I am doing this column on how to do things.

Today it’s how to write a resignation letter.

Apparently lots of people hate writing a resignation letter. It is not a pleasant thing to do as it can leave bad feelings with the rest of your workmates and your boss. If you want a basic template then this will help a bit.

Dear Boss

I hereby give in my resignation from my job as YOUR JOB of the DIVISION YOU WORK IN of YOUR COMPANY.

My resignation is effective from today. As per my contract, I am providing YOUR COMPANY with four weeks’ notice. My last working day will be WHATEVER.

Yours sincerely, YOUR NAME

You can make it more personal by saying that you will miss working there and you will have good/fond memories from working there or something like that but this is only a very basic template.

By Marc Mackie





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