Is New Moon Worth it?

2 09 2009


With the release of yet another New Moon trailer and the half characters promo pictures, I am debating whether or not I should bother going to see it. The trailer doesn’t look too promising.

The new director, Chris Weitz has made sure that the movie is getting the attention he wants. He probably paid Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to be seen together to give the movie the attention it wasn’t getting. To me it seems like a desperate attempt to pick up a sinking ship.

Chris Weitz took over the series after the previous director, Catherine Hardwick “Decided that she had too many projects to work on”. In other words, she read the terrible reviews about Twilight and decided that she wouldn’t even bother making the next three books in the series into movies. Chris took the on the role and tried to live up to the fans’ expectations.

New Moon follows the relationship between Bella and her best friend Jacob Black after Edward leaves her.

I have seen another one of Chris Weitz’s movies, The Golden Compass. It was a flop. The plot was confusing. The characters were strange and even more confusing. It was painful to watch, and while cringing, I left the room in silence.

This raises the question; will New Moon be any better than any of his other movies? The Golden Compass was terrible and missing vital information, but will Weitz do this to his new movie? This movie has the potential to boost or crush his career so let’s hope he keeps to the plot and keeps the vital scenes. I’m pretty sure that if he ruins New Moon for the fans, no-one will go see Eclipse, the next movie in the Saga.

By Chantalle





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