Anti-bullying policy leaves teen dead

2 09 2009
Jai Morcom

Jai Morcom

A quarrel over a seat leaves 15 year old NSW boy, Jai Morcom, beaten to the ground half dead.

Jai was transported from Mullumbimby High School on the Gold Coast on Friday to a suburban hospital. Jai suffered life-threatening injuries to the head and was put on life support. He died 24 hours after the incident on Saturday 29th of August.

Detectives have now discovered that the 15 year old was not involved in the fight between two school gangs. The “emos” and the “footy heads” are two opposing gangs and a fight flared up based on ego and social status. The two gangs resorted to violence when a seat was stolen back after being previously stolen.

Jai was walking through the playground when a group of Year 11’s pinned him against a wall, beat him and befouled his unconscious body on the ground.

The school has an anti-bullying policy in which it is suppose to prevent all forms of bullying beginning at name calling.   

 Police feared revenge attacks after there was speculation that the opposing gang would avenge the innocent student’s death.

The school has 75 teachers “Jai was just a gentle little guy. He wasn’t a fighter” said a student attending Mullumbimby.

 Should a school with an anti-bullying policy become a murder scene over where students sit?

Mathew Wood  





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