38 year old Favre comes out of retirement (again). Signs with Vikings

1 09 2009

After deciding to retire back in July, ex New York Jet and Green Bay Packer star QB Brett Favre has decided to give it one more shot at a Super Bowl. Favre signed with the Minnesota Vikings on Tuesday for 2 years. This is his 18th season in the NFL.

This is an ironic thing because this is the 2nd straight year that he has decided to “hang up his jersey” one month and decide to sign with a team the next month. Last season, he signed with the New York Jets for one year, after coming back from retirement.

The talented Favre joins the team alongside very talented 3rd year ‘Running Back’ out of Oklahoma, Adrian Peterson. Peterson has shared carries with the current starter Chester Taylor ever since the team drafted him in the first round of the 2007 NFL. Hopefully he can “step out of Taylor’s shadow” as the Vikings starter this coming season, which starts in October. If Favre gets to start a game, or gets the permanent starting QB job, he will enjoy playing with Peterson because he’s fast and can get down the field for touchdowns, which takes a lot of pressure off quarterbacks.

Favre will be a big help for the Vikings this season. He will probably be their “answer” at quarterback, since they have had problems at the position in past years. But what will he decide to do when THIS contract is over?

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